Forget Wetherbore ... who's planning to blitz the 50+ beers at Collabfest this weekend?

I tried 8 at Nottingham and am planning a Dundee trip today (Saturday) and maybe Ellon on Monday.

Well I am in BrewDog Soho with 16 new collaboration beers on. So that’s me sorted for the next couple of hours.

5 beers down and nothing amazing so far. 10% done of the 52 beers. Lots still to go

The first few were not all that but I have run into a decent stretch now. Hyllie Dog, Bringin Back Zesty, In the Gateau, Chip Hazard are all decent

The Chip Hazard white chocolate flavour made me want to buy a Milky Bar not something I have done in over 20 years

When did you last buy a Milky Bar?

In the Gateau was fun. NOT Another NEBA I thought was a brown ale ipa collab that worked.

12 down just 4 to go here. 25% of the 52 beers ticked.


And finally after 3 hours of crap mysoginistic rap music we have something I recognise on the music front. 80s rule.

Stairway to Seven. A black ipa. Still don’t get this style.

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Pontino NE 14 69 is pretty good

As I come to the end of the 16 beers here and 4 hours I’ve been in this bar, I realise that I have been the oldest person here throughout. I feel old. Nope sorry. Grandad has just walked in. I am no longer the oldest. Yay. It’s been fun. I hope Seven Dials is as good.

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I’m glad your average scores picked up pace … you were drifting towards a spoons average at one point !

I know! I was thinking the same thing. I could have beers at this score for 2/3rd of the price.

Not sure what the turnover will be but I enjoyed the beers I had at 7D more than the ones at soho. That was almost 48 hours ago mind !

And remember if you’re still game and there are quite a few duplicates at 7D you can walk out of the door and be in either Camden or Tower Hill in 20 minutes.

Made it to Seven Dials. 11 new beers for me here. And more 80s music. FOREIGNER.

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Seat at the bar downstairs. Prime spot.

Big in Japan by Alphaville came on at Seven Dials. I was stood on the bar twirling my Borefts 2018 t-shirt above my head.


11 new beers will give me 27 in one day so 9 pints. Probably enough for one day.