Forum feedback thread

Clean slate. I think that Joe is working on the if it’s requested it’s probably legitimate. I asked for a re-shuffle for Eastern Canada that was dead and useless. Made it Quebec, Ontario can (should) follow suite. I don’t know if Western Canada makes sense as a region, more than the provinces. It’s an occasion to rethink these I think.

Maybe a Pacific Northwest with BC, Wash, Ore, Ida?

Anything on this @joet ?

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We are logging comments now (thanks!), will group and order them, and then discuss changes with a sort of 360 view of how we’d to proceed. There are some items that are quick fixes, like adding a forum, but i think we want to be sure we do these integration pieces right. It might take more than a few moments.


Thanks, my dude. On the whole the new forums are looking great. A few tweaks here and there maybe would improve things, but that’s just nit-picking.

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Added here from another thread for visibility

Thanks, Blipp!

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I dislike the fact that clicking on a username takes you to his forum-user-page and not his ratebeer profile. I don’t care about their forum badges or forum stats at all, I just want to quickly see their ratings.

Other than that it’s kinda nice but it sure will take some getting used to.


Yes, others have mentioned this as well. This was a gross oversight on my part. We’ll get this taken care of, but it may a take a bit of time.


That was a fast reply. Thanks and good luck moving forward!

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Some of the old-school pages still have a link to the old forum, e.g., .

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So way olde school. Thanks!

I’d like to see a Rocky Mountain forum but really, it wouldn’t work if no one uses it. Hell, the CO forum had posts that were measured in days and months…

@joet any chance those old stats pages will be updated a bit and brought more in line with the rest of the newer stats pages?

I logged out, closed firefox and logged into the forums page directly, Seems to be working know. Wierd! Could be something to do with cookies? I clear all/most cookies on exit from Firefox.

There are billions of them and one by one they’re being converted.

Perhaps you should post a clear notice on the old forums that as of now they’re shut down?

I often keep a forum page open on my PC and phone to refresh occasionally and it took me all day to realize nothing is moving at all. I wanted to reply to the euro local swap thread only to find out the reply buttons are gone and the thread is not migrated (nothing’s migrated…).

It will take a while to find my way around here.


Goooooood. And please add billions more when you’re done :pray:

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Er… did you just add that notice or was I blind?

I took your advice and am adding the notice now. Thanks!