Forum unusable on iOS

Had the same issue on Android too.

Android seems fine on my end. Checking IOS in a minute. Maybe it’s a relay issue on the other side of the Atlantic?

Edit: IOS works over here.

Having issues in Firefox on a desktop as well. Seems to eventually work depending which login link you click. I have been having login issues with the main site as well.

Clearly the Ratebeer Oops Robot only likes its fellow Androids…

I assume that other robot, @discobot is still with us…?

I got a new iPad and am having this issue. Works fine on phone and our laptop.

Im in the UK.

In lieu of a fix for this issue from the powers that be (to quote Pink Floyd: “Is anybody out there?”), Mr @cheap found a workround (thanks):

I have a problem getting on to the forum pages on my laptop and it will not let me log on. Bloody annoying.


Did you use this?

I have now but it’s still not letting me log on.

My iPad is also useless for the forum’s pages as it refuses to find them.

I hate using the phone, but it’s the only way I can get on here.

Can somebody please do something about this, no access to forums unless I type in sesssion/sso as a suffix. (as stated above)

Look below, I’m not a computer expert but I think the problem is the red circle. When I hit the forums button in normal ratebeer it gives undefined, that’s what is sending me to the oops.

Somebody got to solve this, its been going on for a while now.



BTW, in case anybody cares, this happens with my dell as well as my chromebook. WTF?

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It’s crap and we have no @services to sort it out.

Anyone try the cliche “clear cookies”? It sometimes works.

I can’t access forums on my phone at all

unfortunately it does not this time

I’m using firefox & chrome, they both do the same thing. I get the oops message. I can get on the forums if I clear the cookies, log on, accept the cookies. The next time I try, I have to do the same thing. Also, off-topics do not appear in either case. This has gone on for at least a week. I’ve been a member of RB for nearly 20 years and this is probably one of the more annoying bugs that I can remember.

Anybody doing anything about this yet? Still an annoying problem.

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this is still the only way I can get in. I think its a liberal conspiracy! :joy:

A report from someone with a different experience. I’m on my iPhone now and when at home usually use FireFox on a Windows machine. I’ve had no real problems recently and the forums seem functional on my phone. A few times recently on my phone I’ve been asked to log in, but - aside from having to dismiss the RateBeer Best 2020 banner again - haven’t experienced any disfunction.

Don’t know why, although I’ve never been a FaceBook user.

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