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A local Facebook beer group I’m part of already has a dude trying to sell a bottle he bought today. Claims he has “really no interest in it.” Not sure why he bought it to begin with… I mean I know he did it so he could price gouge on the “secondary market,” but still. Seems like a waste of time on his part since he bought it for 30 and is trying to sell it for 45.

I think trading for fun is perfectly fine, but I’ve seen people that treat it more like a job which just seems like a miserable “hobby” to me.

People are taking off work so they can drive from store to store to pick up additional bottles to get around the bottle limit. The beer is selling for a 30 dollar bottle. How many people are actually drinking all these or do they just end up in their rot-box? Even when I had a lot more disposable income I never understood this kind of mentality.

Most people do it to trade for shit they can’t get, and that’s understandable. But CBS is seeing Bourbon County sized distribution, so I’m not sure it’s that important to buy an assload of it. Solid chance they sit on the bottles until they whale up and can be sold for maxxx profitzzz. These people aren’t great, but there is always someone willing to buy, and this is capitalism in action.

My local party store has 10 cases sitting on the ground right now. Down the aisle are bottles of KBS, DKML, Lizard of Koz, Mango Magnifico and yes, Big Luscious.

Something tells me that this beer is not going to achieve “whale status” this round.

I’d love to know where you are. Every liquor store around me in the western suburbs of Chicago is sold out.

I live in Buchanan,MI

Had a chance to grab some bottles (Limit 2), but chose to go home and take a nap instead. It’ll go fast here (within a day) but people won’t be lining up out the door for it. Plus for $29.99 it’s more than I want to pay anymore.

Ahhh!!! This is killing me! I can’t find it anywhere here and it sounds like you guys are swimming in it! And even the places that had it put a 1 bottle limit. Crap!

Scored 6 bottles…could have had more, but a big cash layout…just got it for myself and friends and family…and to have some aging around…not looking to sell at all…just like KBS, I like to have a little stock in the cellar for when the mood strikes…it’s just one of those beers I HAVE to have, if possible…it’s ridiculous to spend that much, but it reminds me that I’m glad I’m a beer geek and not a wine or bourbon collector! was chump change to those cats.

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Hiya Patrick!

$30 is already marked up too. Retail is $25.
Hope everyone who wants some gets some.

$25.00 would be mark up in Nashville…got mine for $21.99.

$25 would be MSRP in Nashville.

Somebody messed up and sold them below retail. Lucky you!