Fourpure & Magic Rock Up for Sale

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Magic Rock and Beavertown … 2 brewers I used to drink a lot of but just seemed to vanish from the stores I use and also they just seemed to focus on core beers since their respective sell outs … shame

As for Fourpure they were Ok but very much the last stop on a Bermondsey tour and often the one I skipped on as time ran out

I bought aboxset of Beavertown Collabs about a year ago. Every one was startlingly bland, and poorly made. The past year I’ve been feeling a bit sad about how craft beer has regressed. I yearn for those Rose tinted days of hop-fuelled excitement

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Be interested to see who they sell to and for how much. Not sure another macro would take them on if they’re failing under Lion, same goes for venture capital unless it’s a bargain price…

Still, sure Lion will take less of a hit than than the guys who bought Ballast Point…


Be interesting to see what happens. I’ll drink macro/sellout beer on occasion but I have difficulty drinking beer from the Lion/Kirin whatever it is stable.