Free Beer: Anyone in Waterloo area?

I’ve won some Farmageddon beers from the Understudy (2 Baltic Porter, 2 Big Gold). They need to be picked up this week. I’m not going to be able to get up there (annoyingly I was supposed to have a meeting in Bexley today which got cancelled). If anyone can pick them up I only only want one of each so happy to share the winnings. Can always arrange to hand over when I am in London or at Cotts, whatever.

@kwik-lime maybe?

Hi, yes I could get these tomorrow afternoon if that works? I work in Central London so can give you them whenever you’re next in London. PM me details if you want me to collect.


Cheers. However a colleague in London was asking me some questions so have said I’ll go up to discuss it tomorrow (I thought my manager would veto it but they’re on holiday tomorrow so don’t care). Although if you want 2 cans I’ll be at the Otherstudy at 4:30 to pick them up (and Hop Locker, etc).

OK, no worries, enjoy!