Free Beer Contest iv

You got Six Jeremy …Leics, W Mids, Surrey, London, Bukcs and Berks.

We have a winner … it went down to 2nd tie break !

@SarkyNorthener was eliminated first off with only one from six.

@fatphil and @Fin tied with 3 each … @Fin wins the tie break with Leicestershire where I lived for the longest @ 7 years and 8 months.

Full list in order is:- Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, West Mids, Greater London, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Berks and finally Bucks.

The only ones to not get a mention were actually my 2nd and 3rd longest stays in the same place … Greater Manchester (7 years) and Warwickshire (5 years) … living in Bolton (as a kid) and Rugby (2004 - 2009) after I moved out of London for affordable property (and commuted back in).

Congrats to @Fin … beer mail headed your way

How exciting, really chuffed to have won, really looking forward to the Speedway Stout Thai edition which is absolutely what I expect to receive (:wink: no seriously really pleased to have won, and happy with whatever random beer heads my way, and how exciting that it went to play offs.

I guess that it is up to me to continue this trend now and devise a Free Beer Contest V, I will try to think of a question tonight and post later today or tomorrow.

XOK, thought I had done better than that.

Congratulations to Fin, he likes low alcohol pale lagers if I remember correctly.