Free beer Magazine

Hello guys, is an online beer shop, we recently started a magazine, and would like to share it with you! each edition we talk to a brew master and try to uncover their secrets!! Enjoy :slight_smile:

If only you could read it without using Flash.


What he said.
Using Flash in 2018 is a big no no. Modern browsers block it by default and are making it increasingly difficult to allow it, most non tech savvy users are never going to be able to read this.

Magazines are typically text and pictures. This is trivially easy to display in a webpage, and if put together like a traditional magazine, simply displaying the .pdf file inline in the browser would be the ideal way to go about this. No plugins/extensions needed for desktop or mobile users.

Don’t make it so difficult for your users to access your content, most people are not going to jump through hoops to read this. Looks like you’ve already lost 2 users right here.

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Thanks for sharing. It is certainly cool to see brewer profiles of up and coming European breweries, as there is no one really covering that in the US.


We are launching every two weeks, so ill keep them coming.

we are focusing on swaping for html, when we make the transition ill let you know


Excellent news. Look forward to reading it once that’s done!

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Magazine’s are paper, not electronic crap. False advertising!

:joy::joy::joy::joy: have a good one HTML :wink:

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Ask and you shall receive. :slight_smile:

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