Free Beer V



Congratulations to Ian for being the closest. The correct answer was 162.

A can of Fierce Beer / Brew York Very Big Moose: Tonka will be winging its way to you.

Sarkynortherner for being a cheeky monkey and challenging the my rules, which had you read the smallprint you would have realised can be changed at the discretion of the organiser at any point. Anyway you can have a Torrside / Bexar County Monsters Act Naturally.

I will either pass these on at Cotteridge or if either of you aren’t attending then happy to post out.


Cheers Fin, but the moral victory is enough for me.

No Martin I insist, even if it is just to introduce someone else to Torrside.

Ok cheers Fin. See you at Cotts then.

That’s shit, I hate happy endings!


thanks Fin see you at Cotteridge.