Free Beer VI

I might as well carry this on.

A free bottle of something Kentish or French, depending on what’s going spare in the fridge for the person who gets their answer closest to this question

How many full bottles of Orval are there in my garage?

I am genuinely interested to know as I actually don’t have any idea. I’ll have to have a count up this weekend.

Closing date is end of Saturday 7th April. Please read the non existant T&Cs and my decision for the winner is final.


Oh i recon 63






I’ve seen Ian’s garage and lets just say that he could give a small well stocked bottle shop a run for its money in terms of stock.

Ok as Orval is one of Ian’s favourites I reckon we’ll be talking a few cases, if not he is due a visit and re-stock.

60 bottles

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42 the meaning of life, the universe and everything

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47- my age.



Well I have just been into the garage for a count up

And the answer is 61

Which means Fin is the winner!!!

A bottle for you Fin at Cotteridge

Unlucky Craig you were 2 out

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Nah, there’s another full box of 24 hiding somewhere, I can feel it in my water!

Wow! I am a winner for a second time, get in there you beauty,thanks a lot Ian, I shall look forward to receiving something at Cotteridge. Couldn’t believe just how close I was.

Ok everyone I guess that this means that I will have to do another competition, but that will be the last one within this current flurry. I will put up a question later.

Was kind of glad I didn’t win this one … will have bulging sacks at Cotts!

Oh, Ah, Missus.

Fnarr, fnarr.