Free Beer VII

Ok I will put out one further Free Beer. The question is, we are a quarter of the way through the year and as well as beer Loz and I buy plenty of music and go to quite a few gigs, so the question is.

Q) What is our favourite album of the year so far?

Of course this is very tricky as we like quite a few styles/genres, however have a guess and maybe I will start dropping clues soon enough. But I will give you a clue/pointer and that is that we don’t very often go backwards and buy much more new stuff than old so it isn’t a re-release and it isn’t a band/artist who’ve released something new but have been around forever and a day.

I listen to music, often can sing along, but have absolutely no clue who is playing, who is singing and what the name of the song is.
Do that make me over qualified?

Of Mice & Men, Defy.


Sempa Femina by Laura Marling

Gang Signs and Prayer - Stormzy

Jesus and his 12 Daisy Chain Disciples

is that blasphemous??

Ezra Furman - Transangelic Exodus

Have I Won Yet? BlackHaddock.


Some interesting suggestions there, I think the Ezra Furman guess is probably the best so far, we are big fans of Ezra Furman but whilst very good its not that album.

I will give a clue later today.

Best of Skrewdriver?


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Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy


Mulligan & O’Hare Is always my go to album in the car when driving to Ireland.

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Good guesses though they are I think that both Mr Blobby and Mulligan & O’Hare were released some time ago. I have to confess I was completely unware that Mulligan & O’Hare was Vic & Bob until I Googled to find out more, I guess not having a TV makes you rather out of touch with such things.

I get the impression that Wingman Willis is the most likely to get it, btw I haven’t got Car Seat Headrest but have heard of them, liked what I have heard and seem to recall meaning to check them out further.

Ok clue coming later.

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Clue: Aled Jones was embarrassed by this.

What, A Snowman?


Shame - Songs of Praise?

Well done, we have a winner! From your previous responses, I knew that you would be the one to get it. Was my clue too easy?

Do you want me to post it out or are you at Cotts in June?

I’m at Cotts in June. Can hang on until then

Tbh I just googled the top 10 indie albums of 2018 and kept guessing!