Free Beer Week 2018! (Link to Contests)

Today starts the 8th annual free beer week! For those of you that are new to the show, here is how it works. Someone will post a contest such as “Guess how much my dog weighs”, users can then put in their guesses and whoever gets the closest wins and receives a free surprise box of beer from the contest holder! (Additonal rules may apply per contest holder). Who doesn’t love free beer! If you win a contest, it is often considered polite to then hold your own contest and pass along the generosity. Let’s see if we can make this another great year. If you have any questions please reach out to myself or StefanSD. Ends on Sunday, March 11th.

Below is the link to a running spreadsheet of contests this year. I will be sure to keep it updated daily (hopefully updated multiple times a day).




I usually win a few contests, and host a few contests each year…but, totally spaced on it this time around!

The layout of this new forum can bury threads pretty easily. That, and it’s been even more of a ghost town than the last incarnation was.


I actually felt like that about the old one. At least the thread was pinned for the whole week on the starting page of the forums this time around. Before this year, I had no idea stuff like this was happening. Seems to depend a lot on what you’re used to.