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Friday 6th March 2020; Virtual Bar

Hi guys,

Usual format, drink what you want, say what you want and be who you want.

I am home alone (with Bertie) and have a few beers to rate, so pull up a stool, have a beer, talk bollocks and enjoy an evening with internet beer geek friends.

My intention is to drink European brews, and only one from each country during the evening. So far I have beers from England, Scotland, Wales, Belgium, Finland, France and Slovenia lined up.

Please join me if you can.


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Tried to add this as an ‘EVENT’ but I got that ‘bloody robot’ after I’d entered everything.

I do want this site to survive, but it’s not helping it’s self much.


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I’ll be on a sleeper train from Euston to Inverness so yes I can stop by. Not sure If I’ll have beers with me as it’s likely to be a gin journey, but always good to have an online beer chat.

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That sounds exciting. Are you picking up the new campervan from Inverness?



inbetween Inverness and Aberdeen in a small town called Keith. VW Transporter converted T6 Highline with pop up roof, awning, bike rack etc. Hoping to bring it to Germany this year a couple of times so would be good to meet up.

It would be tremendous to meet you Ian, by all means pop by and see us for a night or two and if we weren’t intruding too much perhaps we could head off for a night or two in a campervan mini (2 vehicle):grinning: convoy

Btw the van sounds great, I am sure that you have a fab life anyhow, however this is going to change your life my friend :+1:

I am sure it will. I mean I am already looking at staying in Sutton Coldfield and Crystal Palace!! How rock and roll is that?? Certainly popping over to the continent will be a great benefit. Parking up somewhere like Cassel and having a night in the bars and restaurants, cycling round Flanders the following day. Just can’t wait.

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Convoy!!! Get all late 70s on y’all

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I think my night in might have been compromised, and it may well be cancelled.


Sorry guys it’s OFF.

Of course you can carry on without me if you wish.


This makes @Mr_Pink_152 tour of Bermondsey seem exciting !

You at least open for coffee ?

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I have been lumbered with going for a family meal. Mother-in-Law paying, so not all bad. It’s a decent pub but it doesn’t sell anything unusual or exciting food or beer wise.

Once home I will hopefully have a couple of beers before retiring to be fresh for my big Saturday.


PS. Yes, coffee is available.

Well the good news is that someone cancelled their sleeper berth on the train and I booked it!! so I now have a bunk bed cabin all to myself rather than a normal train seat in an open carriage. So there will be beer drinking and beer tasting and beer rating and beer posts on the Virtual Bar. I may even post from the actual bar on the sleeper train if they have any beer worth drinking.

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this may be a short thread unless anyone turns up.

first beer of evening on my way from Ashford to St Pancras. I have a stop over of an hour at Euston Tap as to get some rates in. had this beer before but it’s a solid apa.

Now in Euston Tap and it’s busy but not awful. staff are slow customers are slower. Anyway cask winners are First Chop Rollee and Squawk Nine Finch Rails

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When I am back from stockpiling kebabs I’ll drop in.

Please everyone use the hand washes and bidet provided at the door.


Possibly my only beer tonight … it’s a solid IPA for sure … mosaic is shining through.

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@harrisoni … on the BBNO front … you fallen out with them ? Recall you had gone ahead of me on BBNo rates and we were neck and neck for some time but you don’t seem to have rated much of late.

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