Friend in need is offering nice stuff


A friend is in a bind and willing to offer something fairly attractive to someone that can help.

Seems like my friend tried to ship 5 boxes of top quality beer and mead from Michigan to California, but it was stopped by whatever delivery service he was using. He has told whom ever is transporting the beer that

"Essentially I’ve told them the mead and beer are from my friend’s family’s brewery and we didn’t know the rules but that I’d check to see if they had a FedEx account, so that we can authorize the shipment with that. So whomever would be helping me would essentially be representing that brewery or would be a distributor who handles their stuff. "

Basically hee need anyone with a FedEx authorization for shipping alcohol in the US and he is willing to send them a very nice bottle for their time/help

He is willing to offer up stuff like Duck Duck Gooze, Cable Car and other So Cal rareities.

Send me a message if you can help and I will put you on to my friend. I don’t know how difficult this request is, but I know he has good stuff in his cellar, so I thought I would put it out there.