Friends List is near useless me

Ive alwasy used the friends list to see whos had a beer when organsising a tasting or working out who needs what at a Beer festival. Now its near usless as i need scoll past all the text that i have no need of and for popular beers who most have my Friends have had. It becomes worse as its on a different page

plus what order is it in, as certainly doesnt seem alphabetical

once again it seems ohh we want to make it look pretty and all new without considering its use


I second all that. The new beer page may look nicer, but it feels like using a different, not that good site.


Oh and i will tell you something else i LOATH about it. Page load. i see the friends button i goto click on it. and suddenly it loads something else and reformats. SO i end up clicking on the wrong thing

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Oh and you scroll through friends. Click the Show all. and it throws you back to the top of the List.

Really this is starting to seriously Piss me off, and thats not even starting on the Number of Beers ive accidentally rated.

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This may not be something “common” enough for the non-member coders to have considered. I usually use my friends on a particular beer, and it comes up quick and clean. This may be the “obvious” usage of my friends.

Not sure im following But i usually use it on a Beer. The problem isnt if you have 1 Friend whos had it. but 10-15 of them.

agree the Main Page is quick. shows Friends button rigth away, but then just the time it takes to aim for the friends button it moves.

Then when you do get there. Compared with the past where i could quickly see Who and who had not had it. , not i need scroll down through lot of text. Click i want to see more, scoll past the same people again. and then hope i spot the names i am interested in. As its Date Rated order. Something im unlikly to know

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Really a lot of strange things happening. A lot new things and buttons but it all becomes more complicated and confusing. I really miss the “old” ratebeer we had one year ago or so. For example I really miss the old watchlist. That was a great tool.

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Not to mention that the review texts are truncated, the attribute scores are hidden behind an unnecessary click, and it’s impossible to tell which date anyone ever rated a beer on.

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Also, “rated by” used to give an complete list of users and scores, sorted by username. Now it’s a truncated list of users and dates, sorted by rating date - Nothing more than the “most recent” tab. Literally nothing. Why is it even there if there is nothing gained from it?

And then, when I click on “See all XX Reviews”, I get a drop down menu with exactly the same 4 options as before. Again redundancy with nothing gained.

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Also, to hijack this thread with another improvement suggestion: if I scroll through someone’s old ratings and click on a particular rating to see what they thought of a beer, I am taken to the most recent rating of that beer rather than to the rating written by the rater that I wanted to see. Of course, nobody would want that to be the result. I can only assume that this very obvious and intuitive aspect of user experience is on the team’s list of changes to make - just raising it on the off chance that it’s not.


Also if you click on a beer rating from an overview page of a friend (or any other user for that matter) you used to be presented by the rating of that beer by that user. No longer, you’re just taken to the beer page. Really, why is everything useful taken apart? You may call these minor changes @joet, but it’s destroying the whole experience!