From Barcelona to Boston, and then... Denver

Going from Barcelona in September to Boston. Want to visit the main breweries in the city. Any other recommendations apart from Trillium?

By the way, I want to go to Tree House. I don’t want to drive as I prefer to drink at the brewery. There is any easy way to go there by public transport?

Also, I will be in Denver for my third GABF. More recommendations over there?


Go to Mystic, Aeronaut, CBC, Night Shift; all are good breweries. Getting to TH on public transit would be tricky. Possibly take a Greyhound bus to Springfield and then a cab to the brewery but that will cost you.

Also Jacks Abby in Framingham is worth stopping at.

Great! Thank you.

Really want to go to Tree House. Probably Could be a good idea to sleep near there if the public transport is difficult

Just came back from Boston.

There are a couple of good brewpub crawls to do.

One day I did Cambridge Brewing, Meadhall, Lamplighter and Lord Hobo, but if I had more time I would have done Druid, Bukowski Tavern Cambridge, Atwoods and Aeronaut.

Another day I did Mystic, Down The Road, Bone Up, Night Shift and Idle Hands.

Both days were a mix of public transport and Uber which is very cheap there.

Central Boston I did Harpoon, Trillium bottle shop, Row 34, City Tap House and Tip Tap Room again by bus/Uber

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Thanks very much for your suggestions!