From Barcelona to Poland (3-8 Dec)

Hi there,

I will be in Poland next week. Exactly in

Krakov: 3 & 4 Dec
Wroclaw: 5 & 6 Dec
Warsaw: 7 & 8 Dec

If someone can recommend me any interesting beer place / also food is welcomed!
If someone want grab to grab a drink and meet up give me a shout!


Poland’s a great beer country,reasonably well travelled by beer lovers, so the places section here is pretty reliable. One thing I would recommend above all other things is to hunt out every possible ‘Mjod Pitny’ (literally ‘drinkable honey’, i.e. mead), as the Poles are absolute masters of the craft. Don’t be fooled by the supermarkets’ honey liqueurs at spirit strength, you need to look out for the real thing at 12-15%. The names are numerically coded so that anyone with an indo-european language background can tell the sweetness/strength - the higher the number, the more diluted the honey is. (OK, Poltorak being ‘half’ isn’t obvious, but the Trojniak and Dvojniak should be.)

Thanks Very much for your recommendation

Anything special for food?

If you’re looking for some good Polish cuisine in Kraków, I recommend Gościnna Chata (Sławkowska 10), Kogel Mogel (Sienna 12), and Kuchnia U Babci Maliny (Sławkowska 17). All of these are inside of the city centre, so they’re quite close to some of the top craft beer bars in the city (Multi Qlti, Viva La Pinta; Weźże Krafta is also just outside of the historical centre). If you want a great Polish experience, you can have some cheap eats at a bar mleczny (milk bar)! There are dozens in the city, but some reliable ones include Smakosz (Mogilska 58), Żaczek (Czarnowiejska 75), Żak (Królewska 84), Targowy (Aleja Ignacego Daszyńskiego 19), and Smakuś (Wójtowska 2): these places all serve filling Polish soul food at fantastic prices and usually in a very casual setting.

My go-to bottle shops are Świat Piwa (Karmelicka 51) and Strefa Piwa (Krowoderska 37). There are lots of small liquor stores that either never close or are open extremely late, and even some grocery stores can have surprisingly good selections (Alpo at Kazimierza Wielkiego 1 is one such example). I’ve heard that Huta Piwa (os. Szkolne 35) is also quite good, but whenever I’m in town, I’m usually too lazy to go all the way out there when there are perfectly good options closer to where I always stay.

Also, make sure that you use! There are not so many verified venues on Untappd that keep their tap lists up-to-date, but a lot of bars update them on OnTap (25 venues in Kraków and 51 in Warszawa).


Hope you having fun; any photo’s from your travels would be most welcome.


Thanks for all that information, I might use it myself one day.


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No problem! It’s a great city to spend some time in :slight_smile:


Thanks very much!!! I tried some of your suggestions!!!

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Oh nice! Which ones? And were they good? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, feel free to post a review of your highlights. Poland’s a country I like to visit occasionally, and the right kind of feedback could push me back there quicker, it’s been well over a year…

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