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From which country that you have never been to have you rated the most beer?

For me, it is Japan, with 38 ratings (none of them sake!), followed by Poland with 40, Mexico with 24 (though I will go there soon), and Lithuania with 14. Technically I have been to Poland but I never got off the train.

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Belgium with 169 although was on bus that passed through Belgium but never stopped. So if that technically doesn’t count Japan with 156 lots of sake

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Belgium. 165. A drop in the bucket for the big hitters on RB but, nevertheless, I’m proud.

Scotland with 105, interesting.

Japan with 30 (comes in 17th on my list).

New Zealand with 74

Need to get to The Prancing Pony - and do not mean the place in Totness.

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Interesting question. Scotland with 57 (9th most rated country).

:belarus: Belarus with 100.

'murica 655
Holland 338
Italy 254

Denmark for me with 82 beers. Must get there soon to get to the big 100.

US @ 132.

Without looking I guess that Ireland and Denmark will come in 2nd and 3rd.

Without looking it has to be NZ with a little over 100.

No … wrong.

It’s Norway in 14th spot with 175 then NZ in 18th followed by Australia in 19th with 78.

Yep, very interesting question… For me, the trio: Sweden, Estonia and Norway.

USA at 372, followed by England at 226.

Belgium on 46, though I haven’t been to the US since I was about 11 years old which is on 244.

USA with 696 ratings, followed at a miles length by Norway, 98.

Denmark with 347 beers, I really need to go there. Followowed by Norway with 97 ratings.

USA with 378 followed by Scotland with 88.

Interesting. Looks like I’m quite well traveled:

-Norway: 62 (#8)
-Canada: 28 (#14)
-Estonia: 22 (#15)

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