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From which country that you have never been to have you rated the most beer?

Faroe Islands (#53 on my list with 27 ratings)
South Korea (#68 on my list with 12 ratings)
Greenland (#74 on my list with 9 ratings)

USA (#3 on my list)
Russia (#20 on my list)
France (#22 on my list)

Some of the countries I went to when I was a kid have very high counts (US>1000), but the question says “never”, so “never” it is.

Japan (#20) 148
Austria (#22) 88
Belarus (#23) 76

Scotland in place 9 with 241 ratings.
Counting soverign countries Canada in place 20 with 51 ratings.

If Scotland counts as a country that is my highest with 163, if not ITaly with 70.

:estonia:Estonia (#15 on my list, 102 ratings)
:jp:Japan (#24 on my list, 43 ratings)
:lithuania:Lithuania (#29 on my list, 20 ratings)

I have 15 countries with 100+ ratings, so one out of the lot isn’t too bad at all.

Much to my own surprise I have for some reason actually not been to the Netherlands or Poland (#11+#12 with 149 ratings). I should rectify this soon…

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I have Danish blood from my Dad’s side of the family. This is will be my next trip.

#5: Denmark - 99 beers

Scotland at #10 with 227 rates.
Next one is Canada at #22 with 70 rates

Spain 30

On behalf of the league of Estonian pissheads - do come and visit! Make a trip of it and do either Finland or the other two Baltic states at the same time. Local knowledge is available by the bucketload.

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Of course #6, the US of A, with 33 beers and the high average of 3.61. Which is then followed by #7 the Netherlands, where I’ve never really been but always just passed through, with 27 and an average of 3.3. Then #9, Spain, with 25 beers and 3.49 average.

Lithuania with 29 rates and 19th in my list of countries.

Japan next on 20 rates (all beers) and 23rd country on my list.

3rd comes New Zealand at 18 rates and country 24 down the list.


I would love to, honestly! I might be popping over next spring for a hockey tournament, so let’s see :sunglasses:

Germany 165

USA (588), England (514), and Scotland (184).

Hope to visit England before brexit, but not sure if it will work out.

USA: 1839

Not bad for a place where I have never been.

It would be USA with 562 but I’ve spent a couple of hours and had lunch at Philadelphia’s airport so for me that counts as having been there.
So it’s actually England on the fifth place with 349 ratings.

Italy - 92 beers!

Denmark 101
Scotland 67
Norway 25

Then again I’ve been to more than 60 countries. Too bad many were pre-beer nerd


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