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Front door of this site is a bit boring

How about a new beer feature, a new place feature, or a killer review feature?. Front door needs something. If I am out of line, feel free to tell me to go away.


There’s a monetary issue involved in any case. Perhaps a column: Site Administrator Take

At least the content of the feature would be free to the site, since Admins volunteer. Perhaps they’d enjoy the chance to “voice”.

Who the f#%k use the front door?
I get irritated on myself each time I manage incidentaly to click and end up on that page.

I have not used it for years. It is usless and as you said boring and not of any value at all.
Like most else has been on this site every complaint and improvement suggestions are ignored. For not to mention to get them to fix open bugs.

Luckily it has last year seems to be little bit will to start doing changes and we have got some great admins that finaly are splitting the country into regions now, they are doing a great work. I certainly hope that great works keep moving so this site can survive.

I use https://www.ratebeer.com/user/000000/beer-ratings/ for starting point.
Replace the 0’s with your user number.


Also rarely see the front door, only miss clicks… When you do find yourself there it’s not easily apparent how to get to your page. I’ve no great interest in the greatest beers of all time, after all I’ve only come across 1 of the top 50 in 20+ years of drinking. Best brewers for the year is slightly more interesting, but a year out of date & very USA dominated.

Only use the front page when I want to use the search bar to find beers quicker and add tabs. Otherwise I log straight to my profile page.

I think a random beer feature like what they have on wilipedia would be fun.


In the old days they used have beer blogs and articles. That is where I heard about a contest I ended up entering and winning.

I like the idea of beer, place, brewery spotlights


I miss bhensonb being Star4aDay twice a week. Bring it back.


My browser autofills me to 2pac’s rating page :rofl:. I rarely see the front door except when clicking out of the damn forum since I can’t search beer directly from the forum without a glitch.

Yeah, searching for a beer through the search bar at the top while in the forums never returns results on my pc or android.


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