FT: 1902 Bass King's Ale ISO: Eylenbosh, h.ertie blends, old lambic/other old beers

I have a bottle of 1902 Bass King’s Ale for trade. It looks to be one of the bottles that was recorked in the 1970s. I’ll send a picture to anyone who is interested. Looking for something off this list:
Eylenbosch Frater Ambrosius
Eylenbosch Framboise Cuvee Speciale
Old Lambic from other defunct lambic makers (not looking for Eylenbosch Geuze or Kriek; may add depending on what you have)
H.ertie blends (I’ll add depending on blend)
Old obscure Fantomes that I have not had (may add depending on what you have)
Interesting old beer (lambic, strong ales, barleywine, flemish reds, Belgians) (especially pre-1970s, but could be from 70s or 80s if interesting and I haven’t had it)

Cheers! Thanks for looking.