Ft: 3 fonteinen Zenne batch 3- Iso: BA imp. stouts (modern times, horus, 3 sons, angry chair)

Hi there, I have a Zenne y frontera batch 3 up for trade. Looking for:

-Modern times monster tones
-Horus Dose in the wood or Harpy’s grasp (any other ba stout might do)
-3 sons Lumberjack morning break (any other ba stout might do)
-Angry chair Unrepentant transgression or BA rocky road (or other ba stouts)
-BA Abraxas

Ratio’s can be discussed and I live in Antwerp (Belgium) so this would be an int-trade most likely. I have lots of other lambics to make this trade bigger and cut shipping cost a bit.

Thanks for looking


I will be in Brussels for OBD next week. I have AC BA IGCCS, AC BA Russian Interference. Any interest in trading?

Also have Surly Darkness, Fremont Rusty Nail, Fremont BA Abominable, Cigar City Hunnahpu, Several Prairie Dawgs

Hi there, Zenne b3 is already gone, but I still have loads of other stuff and I sure am interested in the stuff you listed there! What are you looking for the both AC beers? Also very interested in Rusty nail and ba b-bomb and hunahpu (what vintage?).


Cantillion - Any Gueze 6+ years old, LPK, LPF, LPG, Blaeber, D’Aunis, St. Lam, Fou, 50N, Iris, almost anything other than recent bio, kriek, etc (stuff to go very often and comes to the US)
3F 2012 OGV
3F Any Zenne

Hunahpu I have 2015 - 2019 bottle years

If you had JCN, 1999 or Millennium, I could offer up much bigger bottles

I have several vintages of fou, the latest st lam, vig and '17 and '18 nath and some old Iris ('13 or '14 I have to check). Also have a bottle of LPF left and might still have a 2012 OGV.

What years on Fou?

Pass on Vig and Nath.

I’d be interested in the LPF and 2012 OGV if you still have it. What would you want for either?

Fou '13-'18. I’m interested in a '19 hunah, rusty nail, b-bomb and both of the AC beer. So lets work something out!

Ok. Propose a trade. I leave tomorrow night.

Don’t know exactly for how much the AC beers go, so if I’m off, tell me so. I was thinking 3 loons for hunah, rusty nail and b-bomb is a bit over and 2012 OGV and LPF for both the AC stouts is a bit under, so that should work?? Please let me know what you think!

I can do 2019 Hunah, Rusty Nail, B-Bomb, AC BA IGCCS, AC Russian Interference for:

LPF, 2012 OGV, 1 x 2015 Fou, 1 x 2018 Fou, 1 x older Iris (2013 or 2014)


Please confirm and I will bring them to OBD. I will be at 3F everyday and Cantillon some.

Ok let’s do this, I will be at 3 fonteinen this sunday!

Ok. I have the bottles with me. I have an extra for you too.

Will be there at open Sunday? Planning on heading to Grote Dorst too after 3F.

Be at Cantillon or 3F at all before Sunday?

Saterday I Will be at brewda the whole Day. So lets meet sunday at 3 fonteinen.

I don’t have '15 fou so I Got you a '14 instead, hope that’s ok with you?

That’s fine