FT: 7 Perennial BA Stout / Stouts ISO: zap⚡️E Bike 🚲

I’ve always loved bicycles and beer, I have a basement full of these things. What I don’t have is an electric bicycle, and I’ve recently become infatuated with those.

2019 17 Mint Chocolate Stout
2017 Abraxas (imperfect label)
2018 Abraxas
2019 BA Abraxas
2018 Anniversary blend (unwaxed)
2018 Maman
2019 Maman

ISO: Juiced Camp Scrambler E Bike (black)
Link: https://www.juicedbikes.com/products/scrambler?variant=27967233359895

The bike is a $1599 value, however I have a discount code for $100 off.

Obviously, I cannot accept money, and I am not interested in any other trades.

HMU 314 809 4295
If the area code and Perennial stash didn’t tip you off, I’m in STL.