Ft Cantillon/3 fonteinen Iso Bottle logic FO (b4), space trace

Hey there, I’m looking for some bottle logic fundamental observation b4 (pre) and also space trace 2018. For trade I have lots of lambic offerings from Cantillon (fou, nath, st lam, lpg, lpf, magnum, belgian flag geuze (2013), cuvee des champions (2014),…), 3 fonteinen (Framboos '14, hommage, golden blend, A&G b1) or other lambic from tilquin (squired, pinot noir) de cam,… Also other belgian stuff from de struise (double black, zombination,…) or de dolle (stille nacht reserva 2010, oerbier reserva 750ml 2013).



Also have superstition freak like bee for trade!!