Ft Cantillon/3 fonteinen Iso Bottle logic

I’m iso some bottle logic stuff:

-Fundamental observation (2017)
-Fundamental summation
-Number crunch
-Ground state
-Reaction state (2018)
-Space trace (2018)
-Roll for initiative

For trade I have :

-Fou foune (2013-2017)
-St lam
-Magnum gueuze
-50n4e batch 3

3 fonteinen:
-Cuvee A&G (batch 1 750ml/ batch 2 magnum)
-Zenne y frontera batch 2
-Framboos (2014)
-OGV (2010/2012/2014)
-Golden blend

I’ve got much more cellared away so if you’re on the fence, just ask. IP trades in Belgium are prefered, but international shipping will be considered too.


PM sent!