Ft Cantillon Brabantiae (2018) Iso Angry chair BA adjunct trail

As title states. If the Brabantiae isn’t your thing, I got other stuff (like 3 fonteinen OGV, framboos 2014, LPG, LPF, … lots of others, ask me if you’re on the fence!). Also interested in other (ba) angry chair stouts to expand the deal.

Thanks for looking and cheers!


Also does trading still happen here???

Sometimes… usually locals for locals, but sometimes asks like this as well.

I also have the feeling that the trade forum is dead…

Also RB is dead

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Yes I thought as much myself! Anybody any idea where I can make this happen?

Try various fb groups. That Brab seems to be trending downwards in value though. Not sure you can get this done with current offer. But maybe someone overseas is looking for Brab…