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FT: Cantillon La vie est Solidare, ISO: US Stouts

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Toppling Goliath - Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout (2018-2020)

La vie est Solidare 2016/17

Trading a properly stored Cantillon La vie Est Solidare. I am original owner, purchased the bottle directly from Cantillon during their online sales. Bottles was shipped to Norway where it is still located. 1 of 150 bottles.

Brasserie Cantillon description:
Blend of 3 barrels of Lambic maturing in fresh emptied Vin Jaune barrels from Stephane Tissot. Two barrels were filled with wort and one with a two years old Lambic.
We let it maturate for two years for the wort and one year for the Lambic.
Beer bottled on 27th December 2016.

Ship from Noway. Ratios to be discussed. Please PM me.


I have
Toppling Goliath Mornin’ Delight

Thanks, but not quite the one I´m looking for.

I sent you a PM

Is this still open? I’ve got a BBT4

Hi, thanks for interest. I’m preferably looking for BBT2 or BTT3. I have changed my initial post. Sorry for that error.

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