Ft Cantillon magnum gcb Iso BA Abraxas (2017)

Also looking for:
-Perennial ba abraxas (2017 main want!)
-Voodoo Grande negro voodoo papa (bourbon)
-Voodoo breakfast stout
-Voodoo black magick (old forester)
-Angry chair BA imperial german chocolate cupcake stout
-J wakefield-Desperado

For trade I have, amongst others:
-Cantillon magnum geuze/magnum grand cru bruscella
-Cantillon 50n4e
-Cantillon seasonals (fou, nath, st lam, vig, mamouche, lpf, lpg)
-3 fonteinen framboos (2014), hommage, OGV, golden blend, A&G (also magnum)
-Tilquin pinot noir

I’m open to other (simular) offers and also on expanding.