FT: Double Barrel Hunahpu and regular Huna ISO: Live Oak Hefe and Fresh IPAs

Have the 2016 El Catador Double Barrel Hunahpu and 2018 Hunahpu for trade. Would like to try fresh Live Oak Hefe and other fresh IPAs.

Would also consider fresh NE hops. Have more El Catador if looking to expand.

BM sent

I’ve got fresh IPAs from treehouse, Alchemist and Hill Farmstead if interested.

That sounds great. Pretty much what I was looking for. Have two El Catador accounts and need to trade in the big stouts for hops since summer is coming here in Florida.

Would you also be interested in a BA Hunahpu?


Also have BA Zhukov and Life is Like

All sound good to me. PM me. I’m located in Huntsville Alabama. Should be an easy trade.

If you’re still looking for any Live Oak, just shoot me a message.