FT: Fou Foune, Nath, hommage, mamouche

Unfortunately i’m not able to ship for now but i will update this post if something will chiange.
Having said that i’m in italy and i want to trade this beer for big american barrel stout in general, three floyds, firestone walker, toppling goliath, side project, perennial…or in general other great beer from: hill farmstead, tree house, trillium, the veil, 3sons, j.wakefiled, and a deal with the devil from anchorage.

If some one pass from italy (Milan) we can organize something, in June in Reggio emilia i will be at a great festval of sour beer (arrogant sour festival) with some great beer also from america (ale apothecary, de garde)

I will update over the days this post with another lambics.

Cheers, Leonardo.

I don’t really trade much, but I will see you at Arrogant Sour Festival

What a pleasure!! i always read your reviews :smile:

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Edited for an error and upped this post

If you decide you’d be willing to ship to Germany, I’m very interested. Have Equilibrium, Tree House and some others like Funky Buddha BA Last Buffalo in the Park, BCBS 2017 and BCBS Coffee, Surley Darkness 2017, Hunaphu 2017, Space Soyez Sauce (OH/Zagavor).

I hope that in a short future i will able to ship, i’m a bit worried but i’m very interested of your great beers! :slight_smile:

Then approximately i know that hunaphu ans surly can value togheter like a fou or a nath (in money, ratio is a different thing i know,p so tell my what is your ratio with no problems :slight_smile: )…what is your ratio for last buffalo? and for space soyez? obviously i’m very interested also in tree house beers, can i ask you how can you have treehouse in germany? i just ask for treehouse because you know, everyone wants that beers more than fresh ahaha.

Sorry for the annoyance and the many questions and sorry again for my english…Cheers and have a good day!

Let me know when you are able to ship. No hurry. I get boxes from family frequently, so I can get beers from New England without too much trouble (shipping to me gets a little expensive, but totally worth it). We can work out ratios whenever you want. We can work the deals as money value per bottle. That works for me.

You’re English is just fine bro. Not a problem at all. If you have an e-mail address, I can list what I have available so that you have more to work with.