FT: Lambic D'Aunis /// ISO: Heerengeuze


PM if interested

2015 d’aunis, right?

Does ‘15 taste better than ‘17? Mine is the most recent bottling. Heerengueuze is still available for takeaway…for a price (that also includes Heeren 20th and Goedele’s)

Imho the opposite, 17 is more tasty. But '15 tastes more rare.

Where would it still be available for takeaway? :slight_smile:

the place which made it, DHVL. For about 250 Euros iirc.

I’m sorry, that’s just stupid. Who would pay that?
Let’s hope it’s cheaper to drink when I eat there :slight_smile:

If you split it with others it totally worth it :slight_smile:

You’re right, it is stupid because right now it’s the same price drink in as it is takeaway (or only slightly higher because they include 20th and Goedele’s) which just encourages purchasing it to go and secondary market craziness. All the rare beer there felt very transactional and as a result less enjoyable than the previous time i was there when i domed a Heerengueuze for 30EUR while i ate lunch on their patio by myself

That sucks. I’ve not yet been able to go myself, but if that’s their price I’ll stick with a regular tilquin and enjoy that :slight_smile:

Just don’t get th ‘88 Oerbier if it’s still on the menu. Beer was completely gone, it was dirt water

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