FT: lambic ISO: FL beers

Hi all,
I’m located in the US (upstate NY), and looking for some Florida beers mostly.

St Lamvinus 2016 (750 ml)
3F A&G 2015 (375 ml)
3F Golden Blend 2014 (375 ml)
3F Golden Doesjel 2012, 2013 (375 ml)
3F Intense Red 2012 (375 ml)
westvleteren 12 2012 (330 ml)

ISO: main want is beer from Funky Buddha (morning wood, last buffalo, wide awake, snowed in, MBCP, …) and Cycle (trademark disputes, weekdays, DOS/pallet/nooner, …).
I would also be interested in Surly (BA) Darkness and Deschutes Abyss. Open to suggestions as well.


I will be going to Florida in a few weeks… to Miami. Would you be interested in J Wakefield beers or other beers available in that area?

Yes, I could be interested in J Wakefield beers, as well as any big beers from breweries I’ve never tried (bottle logic, side project, voodoo, angry chair, kane,…). Actually I’m not specifically looking for FL beers, but really wanted to try some funky buddha and cycle, so those remain my priority. But let me know when you are back from your trip, in case I didn’t get any luck on those. Thanks.

update: the St Lam and one of the golden doesjel are gone. Thanks.