FT: Nath, mamouche, vig, saint lam, 50N armagnac

Unfortunately i’m not able to ship for now but i will update this post if something will change.
Having said that i’m in italy and i want to trade this beer for big american barrel stout in general, three floyds, toppling goliath (morning delight and assassin…i think that i cannot afford sr71 and kbbc unfortunately with what i have for now ahahah), side project (Imperial stout), perennial (maman in particular but also other irs)…or in general other great beer from: hill farmstead (aaron), firestone, tree house, trillium, 3sons, j.wakefiled, the veil, funky buddha, modern times, voodoo and a deal with the devil from anchorage…oh and fremont stuff as well!!!

If some one pass from italy (Milan) we can organize something i hope.

Eventually I will update this post with new lambics.