FT: Random Bruery Beers

I have the following Bruery beers to get rid of, if anyone is interested. If I don’t get any hits by 4/2, I’m just going to give them away locally.

Looking for a single trade for all 10 of these.

ISO: HOTD Adam, Russian River Sours, Alesmith Speedway, De Dolle Stille Nacht. If not any of those, I really like BA Stouts with crazy adjunts in them, or interesting sours. Not necessarily looking to get dollar for dollar.

Abre Light
BA 4 Calling Birds
BA 5 Golden Rings
BA 6 Geese a Layin
BA Cuir
Bois Fume
Chronology: 6
Ichigo Highway
Sans Pagie

Consider intl?