FT: Treehouse

I have Haze, Green, Sap, and Pride and Purpose for trade. Looking for things I cannot get in the Chicagoland area. I have particularly low exposure to West Coast beers. Open to all styles, but hazy or sours are of particular interest. Also, haven’t had many of the “classics” (Pliny, Heady Topper, etc.).

Hey I have plenty of west coast available. Including rare barrel for Sours. Massive amounts of ipas. Shoot me a message if still interested. 20+ trades on r/beertrade


Are you a Treehouse regular? I would like to set up a trade for some Alter Ego, Julius, and King Julius.
As a trader, I’ve had much experience, and if you are looking for Pliny, I can set you up. Sours are available in750ml bottle format fromRare Barrel in Berkeley. You refer to Heady but that’s Vermont and neither hazy nor sour. But as far as hazy goes, Cellarmaker, Fieldwork, & Alvarado
Street do have offerings in that style.
Let me know next time you hit Treehouse.