FT: UK GF Beers ISO: Central/East European GF Beers/ciders

Hello, I have the following 6 x UK gluten free beers for trade, am interested in Central/East European gluten free beers or ciders

Arbor Simcoe Single Hop 568ml 4% Gloucestershire
Ridgeway Foreign Export Stout 330ml 7.5% Oxfordshire
Northern Monk x Whiplash x Burnt Mill Patrons Project 6.05: Green-eyed Monster IPA 440ml can 5.5% West Yorkshire
Skinny Brands Lager 330ml 5% Greater Manchester
Brass Castle Disruptor IPA 440ml can 7.4% North Yorkshire
Green King IPA Gluten Free 500ml 3.6% Suffolk

Cheers! danlo