FT: US Stouts / Sours ISO: Cantillon / 3F

Shipping to the US

Cantillon Vigneronne
Cantillon Fou Foune
Cantillon Nath
Cantillon St Lamnivus
Cantillon Mamouche
Cantillon LPK
Cantillon LPF
Cantillon 50n4e b4
Cantillon Reine Des Pres
Cantillon Grand Cru Brute
Cantillon Lambic D’ Aunis
Cantillon Magic Lambic
Drie Fonteinen White Label Gueuze
Drie Fonteinen OGV
Drie Fonteinen Zenne
Drie Fonteinen Oude Kriek Toast
DHVL 20th anniversary
Goedele Blossom Gueuze
CuvÈe Lambikstoemper
Open to other Gueuzes not listed.

Kane Anniversary Blend 2190
Kane Anniversary Blend 2555
Kane Anniversary Blend 2557
Kane Sunday Brunch
Kane BA Sunday Brunch
Hill Farmstead CD20
Bourbon County Stout - 06 - 18 (Will have 18 on release day)
Bourbon County Barleywine - 2017
Bruery Chocolate Rain - 2015
Bruery Mocha Wednesday
Bruery Black Tuesday - 2016
Bruery Poterie
Cycle Monday
Cycle Wednesday
Cycle Thursday
Cycle Friday
Cycle Coconut
Cycle Rare Dos
Cycle Home State
Cycle Stay Fancy
Lost Abbey DDG B3
Dionysus BerlinersField
Dionysus Passion Fruit
Funky Buddha Last Buffalo In The Park
Referend Berliner Messe
Referend Ice-Nine
Referend Kyrie
Referend wittgenstein (Both 750ml & Magnum)
Referend Vwni Sancti Spiritus
Referend A Ghost is Born
SpellBound 4th Anniversary BA Coffee + Maple Stout
Tired Hands Enclosed Entity Magnum

My locals are
Tired Hands
Forest & Main

I don’t trade by mail but let me know if you’re ever visiting or able to get a proxy to London!

Will do!! Maybe some time next year.