Fuller's & Friends

The Fuller’s & Friends collabs launch next week (8th Nov) with some special events (eg. a Fuller’s/Hardknott tasting at the Old Joint Stock in Brum), followed by availability of the mixed 6-pack exclusively in Waitrose from 13th Nov.

Waitrose is also due to launch bottled Fuller’s Imperial Stout 2017 (10.7%) and Vintage Ale 2017 on the same day.


Oh thats good to know. Most appreciated

This is great to know. Cheers!

Fullers and Cloudwater collab, a NEIPA, seems to be available at a Pub in Wiesbaden Germany, might be able to check it out today.



Yeah, seems like some casks/kegs have sneaked out early. The Fuller’s/Thornbridge one has been seen in the wild too. The kegs out there already might be from the pilot brews though - they did pilot brews at the guest breweries, hence the casks at LCBF, with the main production runs for keg & bottle being at Chiswick.

In addition to the Thornbridge one, the one with Hardknott seems to be one done earlier in the year too https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/fullers-hardknott-big-smoke/540698/ which has simply undergone a name change as it’s now been aliased to Peat Souper.

The remaining four appear to be “new” though. Anyway I’d guess we’re probably going to see all of them in various pubs from today but we’ll have to wait until the 13th for the bottled releases.

^ Blog post with details of the events they’re doing.

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The little tasting group I am in is hopefully getting a ‘set of bottles’. Would have liked to attend the Old Joint Stock ‘do’ in Brum, but have plans afoot already for then.


False Alarm. But I expected this. Thats why I hate Untappd. People just randomly checking in stuff at Locations and are totally wrong :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Wrong aboot what?

What are you talking about? You really think people photoshopped all the photos showing the bottles? All the checkins I’ve seen are legit.

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He’s talking about the mistaken reports on Untappd of the F&F NEIPA in Germany, not the genuine check-ins to bottles that people have got early.

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Maybe these beers would be cool for a UK wide online tasting

Beerviking is right. This was just in reply to my post, that someone checked in on Untappd close to my place.

Found the Vintage Ale and Imperial Stout in Frimley today but the 6 pack was not going to arrive until Wednesday.

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cool. Waitrose doing money off online shop just now. hope to take advantage

I checked online earlier and only saw their standard supermarket range listed, no vintage ale or imperial stout, and no Fullers & Friends collab packs either. Luckily for me my sister works very close to our local Waitrose so I’m sending her on a mission tomorrow to hopefully pick a pack up for me.

I’ve heard it only costs £12 can anyone verify that? Works out to just £2 a bottle which when you think of the names involved (particularly Cloudwater when all of their canned beers are priced from £4 upwards) seems very cheap. I guess we can read into that a few things. I shall reserve judgement until I’ve actually tasted the lot though.

On a slightly related note as I just mentioned Cloudwater, looks like their beer is a clear NEIPA. Seems odd considering their trademark is hazy IPAs, odd also for the style as I don’t think I’ve ever had a NEIPA that was clear.

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Same in my local Waitrose, I asked one of the staff who was loading wine onto the shelves but she couldn’t find them on her in-house system either. I’m pretty disappointed after the fuss they made.

Yes, £12 was quoted by Fuller’s head brewer Georgina Young at the launch. As to the Cloudwater collab, it wasn’t pilot-brewed at CW, just done sort of blind on the Fuller’s kit. The brewer at that end, @FullersHenry, said he didn’t understand why it came out clear either!

I noticed earlier there wasn’t any mention on the website, although the in-store magazine does have a small column about it. I asked at my local Waitrose which is a small town centre one and got a text (!) later from the lady I spoke to saying they won’t have any in, but nearest store that’s getting it in is one about 12 miles away and if I order online it’ll be sent from there. Minimum £50 delivery tho!