Fuller's - Sells Beer Business to Asahi


Just saw that. Another one bites the dust and all that, but this one really, really sucks.

Not totally unexpected. Their purchase of Dark Star made them a juicy target. Asahi are aiming for world domination of the beer market and should be regarded in the same way as Heineken and (dare I say it here) AB Inbev as enemies of Craft / Traditional beer production.
It’s companies cashing in on the current growth market, we don’t have to buy their products.

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I wonder if they’ll change the name of London Pride to Tokyo Pride?

I blame BREXIT.

Joking apart I am not happy with this, yet another British business selling up to foreign companies, be it a brewery this time. The beer industry will end up like our car production, water companies and steel factories (to name only three), all owned overseas.


Well TBF Brexit has made UK companies 15% cheaper for foreign corporations to buy…

Must admit I didn’t see this coming, never thought I’d see Dark Star end up macro

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Perhaps they will get their due reward for what they did to Gale’s all those years ago!

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Sad but I guess it’s business.

Dark Star:


Glad I chased all those Fuller’s beers when they were independent. Dark Star Hophead was one of my favourite beers of all time. Oh well. Life will go on.


Got the patent pending @reluctantscoop hop head gbbf tshirt. May he rest in 10abv stout

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Yes I was frustrated with what happened to Gales. However reading the Tweets from Melissa Cole and others yesterday it appears that Fullers were really stuck between a rock and a hard place with what could be done with Gales Brewery. Apparently there was absolutely no way it could be expanded owning to its very awkward location and also it was full of infection being just two of the issues faced.


A Fuller’s employee on UKCBF suggesting that the brewery was losing too much money and they sold it so that it didn’t impact the entire business.

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