Fullers sold to Asahi

Or about to be sold

Also means Dark Star & Cornish Orchards cider is also owned by Asahi now.

I have a lot more time for brewers who view beer in terms of quality, rather than numbers.


C’est La Vie.

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It really is incredible. In the Financial Times article about this, it is quite clear that for the person in charge of the Fullers corporation, it’s not about beer at all - the brewing operation is just viewed as a necessity for supply.

I do not know why, but I thought they were already kind of a micro.

Fullers also have alot of pubs, wonder what will happen to those. It’s intriguing having another Japan company buying a stake in UK brewery, Fourpure were bought out by Lion part of Kirin group.

This isn’t the first brewery that sold out to Asahi and from what I’ve read, after the purchase, it was business as usual.

They’ll be like Youngs who are a pub co now. Or, further in the future, like Whitbread who now do coffee shops and hotels.

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I think by the time I’d come across the tenth reference to how good the beer brand was, with no reference to the actual beer, I was starting to throw up a little in my mouth.

Sad days, for someone who likes the actual beer they brew.

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For these corporate types, a good brand is all that’s needed. Quite sad to see this development, but a perfect argument against growth-fetishism.

I was in Stable Birmingham this evening talking to a young guy who’s been working there about 2-3 years. When he started he knew very little about cider, but quickly learned, and before long became their ‘Cider Master’, hosting tutored cider tastings (one of which i went to) and enthusiastically telling me about new ciders he’s tried every time i called in, or new foreign ciders he’s been trying with their regional manager and trying to get in.

This evening he seemed pretty sad to say the least. Fullers owned Stable, and now they’ve sold out to Asahi, their UK management were due to call by soon to size up the place, get rid of the cider and turn the chain into a hipster Asahi / Meantime bar.

Perhaps i was naive to think this was never going to happen


Hadn’t even realised they owned it. Been meaning to go to the Bristol one, guess I’d better hurry up…

Had thought Asahi bought the brewery & beer brands and the pub estates have stayed with Fullers, that would be bad news if Stable is changed like that

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Thats exactly what i said to him. He said first Fullers bought them, now they have new owners who were calling round in the near future, so perhaps either they’ve sold the stable chain or they’ve formed a new company under a new name to distance themselves from Fullers the brewery. Or its part of Asahi. Couldnt quite tell but he was certain most of the cider selection was going.

I only asked because he told me over a year ago they were getting a new range of bottled cider from across Europe & the States with regional managers doing research trips to Normandy & the US. He says theres no chance of that now

Noticed that the registered address of Stable Pizza is listed as the Griffin brewery at company house, which seems to tie in with what you’ve heard and doesn’t bode well for Stable ;-(


Thats Fullers. My attention was more drawn to the fact they had a shake-up last November appointing two new directors of Stable. That suggests changes. Certainly those old fashioned box ciders appeal to a small amount of people outside the south west. I have never seen anyone in the Birmingham branch order knowing exactly what they’re buying, and almost always leave a flight after a few sips. Thats just how it is. Id say the vast majority are on dates, with work / university groups, or simply just want a pizza. Thats what they’ll focus on

In a way, that might not be a terrible move for them. Or am I missing something?