Funk Factory Magnum Club

Funk Factory Magnum Club

We are super excited to be able to officially announce our membership society; Funk Factory Magnum Club. As the name indicates, we're taking reserve societies to the next level!


  • 5 Magnum size bottles included
  • Ability to purchase future Magnums
  • Member’s Jacket
  • Lambic Pitcher
  • Exclusive Stemware
  • Guaranteed access to online bottle sales
  • Ability to purchase Member’s-only beers
  • First right to next season’s Magnum Club

For the last 9 months we’ve been bottling magnum size bottles in anticipation of this, and we will bottle in this format only for our MC members. Included in your membership is a magnum of Meerts b1, Framrood, Frampaars, Cervino 2016, and Cherry Meerts…and they’re ready for you now!

We already have more magnums either conditioning or on the schedule for this year. The 5 included will not be the last you see! (we reserve the right to serve unsold future magnums at the taproom or festivals)
Instead of a simple t-shirt, we’re giving our members an Eddie Bauer jacket with the club crest and logo embroidered on it. Sizes S-4XL in both Men’s and Women’s. 1 Jacket is included in your membership, you pick the color and size. If you’re splitting the membership with someone or want a second jacket for your significant other, you can buy an additional jacket at a member’s subsidized price.

Men’s Jacket Sizing Spec
Women’s Jacket Sizing Spec
(Click image to enlarge)

We worked with TOAST, a local pottery maker, to design a lambic pitcher with modern lines and style. It’s a special gift to all our members and it turned out beautiful.

This is the prototype. Actual pitcher will be larger and include a FFG logo!
Each member will receive 2 pieces of stemware with the golden MC crest.

You will be guaranteed an allotment of every beer we sell online. Prior to the release, you will be emailed a code to enter during the ticket sales, which will show you the bottles that have been set aside just for you!

And when we do those small batch projects …whether it be a single barrel, a special punchdown fruiting, or a small batch blend… we will have a direct line to you, our MC members, and will make it available only to you. (These may not be in magnum format, and we reserve the right to have taproom bottles; e.g. Framzwartje)

This is a 2 step process and you must complete both steps simultaneously. Payment and Tickets. You will not receive anything without tickets. The tickets are also how we will collect your size/color preference for your jacket.

Use this email address while checking out on Square. We will be processing payment through our webstore. You are only allowed to purchase 1 membership.
Magnum Club membership: $500.
+$50 if you’d like a second jacket.

Tickets are free, but you MUST fill this out as part of joining Magnum Club. Failure to fill this out immediately may cancel your membership.

This is a small group, so there are a very limited number of slots.

You, or your trustee, must pick up bottles and merchandise from the Funk Factory Taproom. We can not ship these (we will hopefully be able to offer magnum shippers for those who need them). You are allowed to use a trustee. BPT will email you online tickets for the items. There will be 3 different tickets:
One Ticket for your 5 Magnums and Stemware
One Ticket for your Jacket
One Ticket for your Lambic Pitcher

The first pick up date will be December 8th/9th (in case you want to make this a holiday present!). We will have all the magnums and glassware ready by then. As soon as we have all of your jacket information, we’ll order the jackets and hope to have them by Dec 8th as well. However, we won’t have the lambic pitcher ready until late February. Future pick up dates will be announced with plenty of notice. There will be at least 3 opportunities to pick up your bottles and/or merchandise, which we will coordinate with future releases. We will not hold your bottles indefinitely and future releases will require you to pick up your magnum during the regular release.

Magnum Club Membership seasons will be renewed annually on June 30th.


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