Galway anybody?

Off to a Christening in County Mayo, cheap flights to Knock (if you only wear underpants and don’t have a bag). Three nights booked in Galway and three in the middle of nowhere for the Christening.

Galway looks lively but the bar reviews on here are all old. BeerAdvocate has a few more, but again a little ‘dated’.

Anyone been recently and would like to recommend anywhere?

Thanks in advance.


I’ve not been for a while but imagine the Beoir app is up to date?

Cheers Dave.

Eight pubs and a store should be enough for our three night stay.


Didn’t check the places section but maybe my reviews are some of the latest. Was there in September 2017.

Galway Bay brewery does some great beers. Their brewery is a short bus ride west but worth it. They do also a location in the city center. Salt House, small but great spot.
Another bar I really enjoyed was Caribou.
Otherwise there are many bars on the main street, but they were packed because of the Hurling finals when i was there.

All in all a great small town. Enjoy it.

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Thanks @rhoihessegold, I did notice your reviews.

Galway Bay Brewery has a ‘Flag Ship’ pub called The Oslo Bar as well as The Salt House, both are on my list.

Caribou is next door to our hotel, so that too will get at least one visit.


Didn’t get there, I bet you can all guess why!