Garbage in brewers search results

Search for Calverly’s, you’ll get some beers, that’s fine, but click on the “Brewers” tab, and you’ll get “Calverley&#039s Brewery”
Try it with Youngs, you’ll get “Young&#039s
With “Three B”, you’ll get “Three B&#039s
“Charlie’s square” gives “Charlie&#039s square”

There are dozens, possibly hundreds, of breweries that have had their apostrophes mangled with this incorrectly encoded bollocks.

There used to be a few, I noticed it just occasionally, but now there seem to be way way more of them - someone’s actively breaking something.

Edit: it’s not just on the search results, it’s on their beer’s pages too:°/260001/
Charlie’s beer 11°
Brewed by Charlie&#039s square
Style Czech Pilsner (Světlý)


I’ve noticed this for Butcher’s Tears, my local brewery. Considering I visit them on a weekly basis, this is incredibly annoying.

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Thanks for reporting this. Is it still happening?

It’s hard to say. My phone is now giving me nothing but a blank screen.

It’s there on the beer page linked above - but just until it’s fully loaded.

Loading (roughly 4-5 seconds):



It’s gone for now, thanks while that lasts.