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Garching Gemini (Jonas & SinH4) at 10K!



Thank you! We performed our 10K ratings with the official sanctioned Becks Ice drinking glass - a blue lightbulb with a straw :stuck_out_tongue:


Prost! And congrats to this huge accomplishment.

Congrats! I remember when I met Stefan for the first time at Borefts a few years ago. We were more or less on par with the number of Ratings with Stefan having a few hundred more. Now he has almost twice as much as me, what an incredible pace!

Bavaria and Franconia is fun! and I might have taken beer festivals too seriously in the past two years.

Thanks guys!


Congrats guys :slight_smile:

Congrats, nice work!

Thank You for mentioning that Franconia is not just a part of Bavaria, beerwise…!:beers::grin:

Congrats guys!! :sunglasses:

for those who don’t know already, two Swiss nanobreweries have collaborated on an actual 10K beer for me. Due to both me ticking a bit faster than expected and the maturation taking a bit longer than expected, that one will be renamed to “10K+OT”.

Interested ratebeerians can surely expect to try it at some point :wink:


Which breweries?

aabachbier & El Caballero.

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Cheers friends! Looking forward to sharing a Becks Fire with you soon.


Congrats guys! :beers:

Stort tillykke!

Well done you two, you are going at a terrific rate. I expect that you will be passing me at some point in the near future. See you again soon, very soon) when we have moved to Munich.

Fin and Loz

Hut ab!

To many more :beers:

Ehhh yeah, kinda…

Haha, congrats man!

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