Garrett Oliver guesses cheap v expensive beer

As usual, Oliver does a good job promoting craft beer

However, I hate the general theme that expensive means better.


Thanks for that. I wish there’d been a reveal of what the beers were. Pretty sure that the cheap dark lager was a Modelo, and the expensive fruit sour was a Lost Abbey. The cheaper barrel aged beer did have an unusual bottle shape, so should be identifiable.

Yeah, that bottle type is very atypical for a US made beer.

Yep. I just saw this today. Garrett Oliver is always excellent.

Was was the twist off cheaper pils?

One comment read “He had me at ‘Zapp’”. Exactly how it was for me too. A pleasure to listen to him, as he really knows his stuff and has rhetorical skills that make you want to listen to him indefinitely.

Would love to see Garrett Oliver distinguish between a $2 and $5 IPA, or an $6 (bomber) and $20 stout. Or even better, a $10 vs $30 sour. The problem in this video is that in every case they are giving him a macro vs a craft, which is not particularly meaningful. And it’s not even blind: almost all of the macros are identifiable based on the packaging + style! Cheap craft vs expensive craft would be much more insightful and he’d probably get a lot of them wrong. Best would be give him 20 craft IPAs and attempt to arrange them by price…


And if he got them wrong, would that be because he’s not so expert, or because price doesn’t always match quality?

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Last one has to be from Lost Abbey, right?

Thank you for that post, I just saw this thread and I was thinking the same thing while I started watching. It’s not a bad video, but I’d love to see a cheap craft vs “expensive” craft. The results might actually be the same, but I’d find it more interesting to watch.

When I was a poor college student, my friends and I would go to the closest Total Wine and make our own 6 packs of beer and see who could make the cheapest mix pack, always striving for trying to find the best tasting craft beers (or “crafty” in many situations) as we could.

As I made more money, and the craft beer market boomed, I shied away from that, but now I have a mortgage and other obligations, so I’m trying to cut down on how much money I spend. A lot of local craft options are just so damn expensive. It’s hard for me to justify purchasing a 4 pack of 16oz beers for anywhere between $15 and $20, even if it’s good.

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I agree. There are certain beers which I refuse to pay for because their quality comes nowhere near to their price tag. Cascade for example. Always $30 or more and definitely worse than Allagash sours under $20. Eclipse 50/50 variants, which always just suck, $45, and are nowhere near as good as a $4 rasputin, expy or a Ten fidy.

Then there’s Ale Apothecary. $60 bottles?? Ya. Ok. Their top beer is a Sahti. I’ll get right on that.


That sounds like the DC markup. I mean they are $30-$35 typically but $60 is an insane markup. Even PA has these for around $40.

FWW, I’d rather pay 30 for Ale Apothecary than Cascade.

If I’m paying $30 for a bottle of beer it better be like a 3 liter bottle.


No it fricken ain’t. Looking at the reviews, it’s a saison with an inappropriate grain bill for a sahti, an inappropriate hop bill for a sahti, and inappropriate ageing for a sahti.

Looking more deeply at the reviews, their view of hygiene is spitting on a tissue and wiping off the most visible bits of the god-knows-what-it-is-better-not-ask. But fortunately, the discerning raters who were so keen to get a “sahti” tick were able to detect these multitudinous brewing flaws, and score it appropriately:
‘Smells like Band-Aids’ - 4.0
‘The aroma is heavy with fecal, farty funk, cheese,’ 4.0
'Light poopy note ’ - 3.8
‘piss and earthy rot were the aroma’ - 4.4
‘lightly soured medicine’ - 4.3
‘the aroma makes me gag a little’ - 3.8 (6/10 for aroma)
‘Taste is big band-aid, … medicinal’ - 3.8
… and many more


Ha. Now I’m even more hyped on it.


It’s ISO here, so I can take a bottle of it to this year’s sahti competition in Finland, and see what people who really know what a sahti is think of it.

Make it 2 bottles, as it’s also ISO here so that it can be shared with every Estonian and Finn imaginable, as we pretty much all really know what a sahti is, even if we’ve never brewed one. I’m sure even the staunchest leaver could be brought out of hibernation to rate that.

Just about every American “take” at the style can be moved to other styles where those beers actually belong, but let’s just say there was resistance from my American colleagues about it. :slight_smile:

Saison has become a meaningless term in the states nowadays. We really need a new style called American-Belgian Ale.

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Yeah, but the style we’re talking about is being made a meaningless term by force by brewers looking for attention from style tickers and trying to jump on a random “exotic” bandwagon without putting the least amount of effort to actually brew the style they claim to be brewing. And okayed by everyone gunning for those precious style ticks, since, well, traveling to the countries of origin is expensive. :smiley:

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