Garrett Oliver guesses cheap v expensive beer

And - shock horror - requires this thing called a passport! :wink:

You say it like it’s a bad thing

I widely use the term “American Saison” in my reviews. And it’s not a positive thing…

How many of you have heard of Kotbusser? well we have at least 2 or 3 in Vancouver.
And the going name for a blond beer is Kolsch, because it sounds so exotic, but then it’s barrel aged in gin or it’s infused with cassis… OMG f*cking PNW hipsters


Actually tried one Kotbusser from Poland. :smiley:

Distinctly average style. As it was wont to be looking at the description.

Hey FatPhil, I can only imagine that this isn’t going to go as I’d like, but if you’re going to holler like this maybe get your facts straight? Our beer is called Sahati, which isn’t intended to be a proper sahti. I put on the label that the beer was inspired by Finnish sahti but with typical American disregard for such things. We did fell a tree and lauter out of it, but it wasn’t alder and juniper, it was spruce. I cut the tree down on brewery property, you should come visit us sometime so you can make up your own mind as to our intention and our practices. Better yet, you could simply ask. Good luck trolling!


Why are you responding to a year old post? You’re making the PR worse, not better.

Well, the guy has become a member just to post this, yesterday. He must be really offended.

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I think he was imagining FatPhil had spent the year in a barrel, maturing and having the rough edges knocked off him.

He’ll learn.

Good beer, though.


I wouldn’t mind trying the beer at some point.

The issue here is that beers inspired by a style are automatically registered as belonging to that style (again, a thing promoted by style tickers, particularly when it comes to hard to get styles). One can really appreciate @PintRespek50 & co making a “kuurna” of sorts, from whichever tree they did. Huge respect for that - very few brewers “having a go” at the style did that. And even more for clearly saying it’s not one, but inspired by one.

Why Phil (and others) are annoyed is because the top 50 is/was flooded by beers which sometimes were no better than modernly hopped pale ales with some spruce but called “sahti” anyway (actual example I ran into), which everyone who’s ever seen or tried one will immediately call utter bullshit, but which are being, of course, defended by people whose style ticks are in danger. It’s basically an age old discussion with neither of the sides budging much.


I know you’re probably a troll, but let me channel my inner Phil here (as he can’t reply to you):

What the honest fck?! Did you even read what Phil wrote? What exact part beside the lauter story is inspired by Finnish sahti? Is it the malts? Is it the hops? is it the yeast? Or hell maybe it is the water?! From what I read it is none of them. So you’re sahti inspired beer, doesn’t have correct water, malt, yeast nor hops (aka the main 4 components of beer). But maybe it is the process?! Maybe you did something distinct for sahti, like a raw ale (more like koduõlu)?! From what I can read, the answer is: nah, dawg. We just made a random beer (with a really nice story about the lauter!), needed a marketing gimmick and felt like very stable geniuses calling it “sahati”. In your official untappd it is under sahti style, hence you market/sell it as sahti, so you consider it “proper” enough…


I’m liking that even thought you’re the fuckwit who dissed Fazer.

I don’t know who this Fazer guy is but he sounds like a douche

It’s the best chocolate in the whole World, yer mutha.

Actually Sahati is way better than original Finnish sahti which is pretty much rubbish. Shouldn’t let miserable raters get under your skin.

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Even if that was true, though I wouldn’t call most sahti rubbish by any means and I believe Sahati is a good beer - nobody is comparing beer quality.

Yeah I don’t really get what’s this about except Phil being upset about what should or shouldn’t be regarded as sahti at RB which is up to admins.

Thanks, dude!
No shit, eh.


To beat the dead horse more… The similar situation would be if a brewer made a blend of young and old imperial stout, called it Öude Geüze and claimed that this was “his interpretation of classic Belgian lambic geuze style”. Yes, geuze is a blend of young and old oak aged beers, and no, that imperial stout is not geuze even if it is blended and it has a nice story why it was made in this way (for example: something something, a dead dog, a forgotten barrel, a cute picture of a dog).

Considering how many sahtis you have tried (one?!), I would recommend trying more before judging the style… (not an easy thing to do, I know). It might well be that you won’t like the style, it is definitely not for everyone. But a lot of people also don’t like proper lambics (fcking sour shits, give me the pastry stouts instead!)… it still doesn’t make a blended imperial stout a geuze or somehow superior/better.

It is not rb admins who consider it sahti, to quote the description of the beer: “SAHATI is our interpretation of traditional Finnish sahti.” (rb usually goes by brewers description, unless there is really strong reason not do it).


I’ll try more if I get a chance. Was trolling a bit, sorry.

Well even considering the brewers description it could have been labeled as something else. But sahti or not I think it is really good and unique beer.

When I pissed off a local brewer years ago, he at least created a RB account and posted his response less than 24 hours after my post… this seems unwarranted since no one probably remembered the “offensive” post.

Now people won’t forget.