Gbbf 2023

May as well start a GBBF thread seeing as it’s happening next week. Full drinks list now live:

I am still pondering over whether to go - I have trade entry so if I do it’ll be TUESDAY 1st in the afternoon, heading back on the train late afternoon. If a RB contingent are arriving at public entry 5pm I might stick about.

Every year I consider it, leave it too late to sort out and don’t go - same again this year! Hope it’s a good one and you manage to sample some quality beers/ciders/perries :beers:


I usually attend GBBF for most of the week but last year I only did 2 days. I actually had really bad covid for 6 weeks after attending GBBF last year. Bring a mask with you, it’s a covid superspreader event! Beer list this year looks a bit trimmed down compared to previous festivals but there is enough to keep me occupied for a couple of days.


I’ll never be able to attend GBBF as long as I’m in my current job (financial year end 31st July), which for years was no loss, but I do wish I could get there for the US/forrin bar (irony given it’s the great BRITISH beer festival, but there’s usually very little British beer that interests me there)

I’ll be there on Tuesday, looking forward to it. Need to go somewhat easy as I fly to the US on Wednesday morning.

I will be at GBBF for Thursday and Friday. Normally sat by the foreign beer stands in the snaller hall if anyone wants to say hello


I didn’t go in the end as had to start refitting our bathroom (what a shame I missed Rishi!)…

Ah well, always next year!


We are moving this week, plus I’ve had a couple of health issues so I’ll miss trying that wonderful silver medal winner that is Abbot