GBBF Ciders - Identification

Have had an issue adding two rates:

Merrylegs - this cidery is not on here. Nor can I find much evidence of its existence. There 's a Mereylegs Cider distro but that’s based in Wolverhampton whereas this cidery is apparently based in Herefordshire. Anyone know of it?

The Brimblecombes Farmhouse Cider (Straw Pressed). Was this the actual name or is the Medium or such like? There’s a Straw Cider on Untappd but presume someone added it as they did not know what this cider was (no ABV for a start).

Ah the great CAMRA beer festival cider details hunt. Marches Cyder in Leominster make a cider called Merrylegs. Not added to RB though.

Not heard of Brimblecombes, but it appears all their cider is made through their straw-press. Personally I think this is his standard cider, and probably one of the ones listed on RB, but impossible to check given the lack of info online, not even a website.

Merrylegs does look to be a new cidery. There were two on: Herford Hope Cider and Hereford Hope Perry.

Merrylegs is a type of perry pear. There is also a Sandford Orchards Perry called Merry Legs.

The Cider supplier called Merrylegs in Wolverhampton supply Orgasmic Cider who are based in Hereford:

Sometimes suppliers put their sticker on the bag in box, so might be related to that, but can’t find anything to say they have cider & perry of those names

The guy who runs Merrylegs Cider Supply looks to have had cider under that name “Merrylegs Triple S” at a festival in the past, but quite awhile back in 2007:

I had some Torkard Floppy Tabs while at the GBBF, Torkard is not on here and I can’t be arsed to add them as I only ‘tick’ cider.