GBBF Question

What’s the best day (or days) to attend GBBF? I’m getting back from deployment and will definitely take time off from work this year. I’ve missed so much over the last 6 months…Cheers, Shawn

Tuesday is usually the main RB attendance day with the incentive to attend on a Tuesday being to hit the American bar at opening.

However the past few years they haven’t opened the US bar till the main opening time at 1700 (before 1700 is trade only on Tuesday so you need a trade ticket or a full weeks season ticket - the incentive for the latter not as much as it was now that you don’t get early access to the US beers !).

I’m undecided yet as to which days … possibly two one all day and one after work.

Not sure I’ll bother with a season ticket this year so if Tuesday from 1700 but more likely I’ll do Wednesday or Thursday.

In terms of other days you tend to get bigger crowds and office piss heads getting in the way as the week progresses …. never keen on a Friday night would probably avoid. Thursday can get pretty wedged but I’ve managed to get through them ok in the past.

Thanks for the info.

Wednesday is probably my favourite day as it’s probably the quietest. but Tuesday is when everyone in the beer business is there.

Think I have decide on Tuesday and Thursday. Appreciate the info as well @harrisoni

Has anyone seen any GBBF beer lists as yet? I’m probably to eager!

The floor plan is out, it appeared on my Twitter feed.
It does list the brewery bars.