Generic username assigned?


New to the site.
After registration a random username was assigned (not the one that I chose) and I’m unable to change it.

Best regards

And what username do you want?

Hi viper666

I chose ‘Martka’ (without apostrophes).

Does user’s level update with a delay? I made a review and chose some breweries to follow, however profile status still says that I have 1 experience point.

Also, the rating that I made (for one of the beers) doesn’t seem to be included in the average rating for that beer (although it is displayed on the site). Does user have to have a higher level in order for their rating to be included in the average?

@services @joet

Maybe this could help:

You need to:

  1. have rated at least 10 beers (to prevent malicious one-off raters affecting scores); and
  2. make sure it’s a “qualifying rating” (includes a review with a minimum of 75 characters).

Welcome to the site, Martka, and happy beering!


OK, thanks guys for the info.

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Hi Martka, your username should be updated the next time you log in :slight_smile: Please let us know if you continue to have any issues with your account.

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